Kenny Roberts

One of the most renowned names in competitive motorcycle racing, Kenny Roberts was born in the year of 1951 in Modesto, California. Kenny Roberts is undoubtedly one of the legends in the sport and has made many signature impacts in the game. The name Kenny Roberts will always be known as the first American motorcycle racer to achieve, accomplish and earn the title of Grand Prix motorcycle racing championship. In addition to his racing portfolio, Kenny Roberts used to construct bike chassis and even owned and managed a racing team as well. Kenny Roberts is considered to have significantly impacted the sport by introducing an aspect of professionalism by extensive spreading information about the Grand Prix. He was initiated and stated as a Grand Prix legend in 2000 by the French.

Mike Hailwood

The British sourced motorcycle racer, Mike Hailwood is often looked up to by many and considered as one of the best to ever race in the sport. Mike Hailwood earned the nickname, “Mike the bike” due to his insane and high-level skill on the tarmac using his bike. But Mike wasn’t just good with two wheels, after competing in the Grand Prix and winning various titles, Mike moved on to excel in high-intensity car racing as well. Mike was superb with his bike, and it proved his worth by winning the dangerous and extravagant Isle of Man in 1967 and set a lap record of 175 kmph on his Honda RC181, which interestingly was not beaten for the next eight years.

Valentino Rossi

Italian racer, Valentino Rossi has conquered and won numerous titles in motorcycle racing. The remarkably talented racer has won a record of nine Grand Prix championship titles in his career so far. Rossi began his career in 2000 and since then has all been uphill of accumulating win after win. Rossi has made his mark in motorcycle racing by wearing the number 46 on his gear and helmet.

Joey Dunlop


William Joseph Dunlop or commonly known as Joey Dunlop was born in 1952 and is regarded as one of the best racers of all time. Dunlop had accumulated a career which till date many of which has not been beaten. Dunlop has won over 26 races in the Isle of Man and secured first in Ireland’s Ulster Grand Prix repeatedly in his career over 23 times. Quite remarkable isn’t it? Dunlop was famous outside the track as well due to his charitable work and contributions.

Mick Doohan

One of the finest racers Australia has had to produce in competitive motorcycle racing, Mike Doohan is renowned for his consecutive and repetitive win in the Grand Prix 500 cc championship races. Doohan has availed and primarily used Honda bikes throughout his career. The Australian racer was active during the period from 1989 to 1999. Doohan was a story of dedication and sheer will as after sustaining medical complications in his right leg in the early 90s, continued to race by customizing his bike. He continued racing by operating a left thumb used rear brake since his right leg could no longer function optimally. He gradually succumbed to his injuries and retired in 1999.